Mayor Napolitano, Evan Smith joining What's Up Newp for a live chat this week; Nearly 20,000 fully vaccinated; Op-Ed: Elected officials should not get special treatment for the vaccine

and much more from What's Up Newp, including a snapshot at a snow-covered Aquidneck Island.

Good Evening,

Don’t forget that Newport City Council meets this evening at 6:30 pm. Watch the meeting live below or anytime afterward right here.

While I absolutely love snow-filled days in Newport (especially when it’s not too much snow), I caught myself daydreaming today of warm (normal) summer days in the City By The Sea. They will come, hang in there.

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The Latest What’s Up Newp Headlines

Ok, we have more than a dozen new pieces of content on the website today, here’s a look at what’s up on the site in case you missed anything.

Gerry Goldstein: Grains of wisdom from an old salt

Just My Opinion: Time to get serious about campaign finance reporting

Representative Ruggiero: Elected officials should not get special treatment for vaccine

Rhode Island Brewers Guild welcomes new board members

Letter | Please support Senator DiPlama in his quest to occupy the position of Lt. Governor

Museum of Newport Irish History announces next talk in its 19th Annual Lecture Series

Rhode Island PBS and America’s Test Kitchen go virtual with cocktails and cooking

Tiverton Public Library shares a list of library programs that adults can enjoy in February

AC75 PATRIOT back in action as Prada Cup semifinals near

Rogers High School shifts to Distance Learning

Live on What’s Up Newp

Save the date/time for these four upcoming live events on WUN.

  1. Newport City Council Meeting (Jan. 27 at 6:30 pm)

  2. WUN-ON-ONE: A conversation with Mayor Jeanne Marie Napolitano (Jan. 28 at 11 am)

  3. RIDOH’s weekly COVID-19 update (Jan. 28 at 1 pm)

  4. WUN-ON-ONE: A conversation with Evan Smith, President & CEO of Discover Newport


Finally, we have two new local obituaries to, unfortunately, share with you this evening.

COVID-19 in Rhode Island (as of Jan. 27)


Here are a few photos in case you somehow missed the snow today.

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Thanks for sticking with me all the way until the end today, have a great night!

~ Ryan

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